12 credits are required for the LGBTQ Studies minor. Our introductory (and mandatory course), WMST 2100 Fundamental Concepts in LGBTQ Studies, covers all the basics of LGBTQ history and LGBTQ theory.

But we also offer many other classes that aim to give students a more specific and in-depth understanding of topics crucial to LGBTQ Studies. Students can choose from any three of these courses to satisfy their academic requirements within the minor:

WMST 3213 Anthropology of Language, Sex, and Gender
WMST 3405 Women’s Sexualities
WMST 3354 Politics and Sexuality
WMST 3330 Queer Politics in Modern America
WMST 3353 The Politics of Masculinities
WMST 3238 History of Sexuality in the Americas
WMST 3436 Global Perspectives on LGBTIQ Sexualities
WMST 4404 Community Internship in LGBTQ Institutions
CLAS 4032 Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome
ENGL 4110 Queer Literary Studies
HNSC 2181 Human Sexuality
WMST 4401 Interdisciplinary Project
WMST 4410W Senior Seminar

For more information on individual course descriptions, please visit our Courses page.

And for more information on minor requirements, please contact the LGBTQ Studies Minor Advisor:
Professor Prudence Cumberbatch
1207 Ingersoll Hall
Or the Chair of the LGBTQ Advisory Committee:
Professor Paisley Currah
3413 James Hall


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